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Welcome to Amaze Adventure! You are finally old enough to leave your quiet home in Harvest Park to follow your dream of being the greatest Elemental card player in the world. In this world, Elemental cards are a popular card battle game played by all. The cards are based on classical and new elements. Anyone can play with the cards, that is why they are so popular. Some have the rare ability to summon the cards Elemental powers for use in the real world! Protect and help others using this special gift against mischief and crime. What if you had that power? What would you do? Start your journey in Elemental card playing like everyone else. Along the way explore, collect, and level up your cards to become the Elemental Card Champion – you may discover the power within yourself.

Card battles in Amaze Adventure game

Up to 4 v 4 cards on the table per battle, may combine cards as well – accelerated for gif


Your journey starts with a dream, to become the greatest Elemental card user in the world! Your home of Harvest Town is small and quite… mostly. You have been preparing for the day you are old enough to make the journey on your own. Now it is the time. Find your way to your local Elemental Center where you will enter the Elemental Tournament. It’s up to you to grow your collection. More cards, means more to use in competition. Once you have proven you know the basics, you should set off to explore and meet the townsfolk. In Harvest Town, find and defeat competitors both in official tournaments and random battles around town. This earns you the right to challenge the Harvest Town Elemental card champion. If you manage to defeat them, you win a Harvest Town trophy!

Creator Creator in Amaze Adventure game for PC

Shows creator creation. Gender, Hair, Skin, and Clothes

  • Explore each corner of the map and find collectables throughout this maze game.
  • Collect puzzle pieces to solve picture puzzles and unlock special Elemental cards.
  • Encounter Elemental card competitors.
  • Compete in town tournaments and win to earn the right to compete in the World Elemental Card Championship.
  • Choose how you progress; no rush, just explore.
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Amaze Adventure is based on paper maps my friend and I would pass each other in Elementary class. We would create mazes for the other to trace through with a pen and explore. We would add in hidden secrets, puzzles, and quests to move on to the next sheet of paper, a new maze. Keeping track of inventory on a separate sheet and requiring that we had to draw every move on the maze paper. That way the map creator could see what the other person had done to explore each unique map.

My brother (Sean) and I started this game in the same manor. He sent me a cool little game environment he put together using Smile Game Builder. It was simple and basically empty… but it looked good and played well. He inspired me to buy the SGB maker on Steam that night. Over the weekend I learned the system and created an expansion to his game. We did this back and forth a couple of times while we chatted on Discord. We said to ourselves, “Hey! This is a game.” We both thought it was enjoyable to play and wanted to take it all the way to complete game.

I was reminded of the paper map mazes my old kindergarten friend and I would pass each other.¬† My brother came up with the battle system look and feel. And together we’ve put in a lot of time, our spare time outside of our regular work, to make this happen. We think it’s enjoyable and we still have ideas to make it better.

Hopefully, this game captures some of that exploration and adventure.


Logic puzzle in Amaze Adventure game

Lights out style logic puzzle. Light all of the flames to open the door sealed with magic. The catch is that each flame affects the next one over. In Amaze Adventure game.

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  • Customize your character
    Name, Gender, Skin color, Hair, Outfit/clothes
  • Fishing
    Catch fish from the Harvest Town river to sell for gold at the shop, or as a bribe?
  • Mining
    Chip away at the rocks in the caves below Harvest Town to find Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds, and Sapphires. You can sell your collection to the local shop for gold.
  • Racing
    Grab kayak and race down the Harvest Town river against the local champ. Or stay in the city but still get wet in a Bobbing for Apples race with the kids in town. Will you be this year’s trophy winner?
  • Exploring
    Navigate the mazes of cornstalks, trees, hay bales, rock walls, and more as you journey to the 4 corners of Harvest Town. Continue your adventure in the caves below Harvest Town, better bring a lantern. Dare you to through the magical hidden cavern to help some friendly souls.
  • Help Townsfolk
    The annual Harvest Festival is taking place and all hands are busy. Some citizens have too much to do alone or simply are having trouble on their own. Help these helpless townsfolk achieve their tasks and you will see the rewards!
  • Battle with Cards and Level Up
    You get to face off against your competitors and attackers using the Elemental cards. Select up to 4 cards for use in a battle beforehand. Each card comes with a standard attack and special ability. Use these strategically during battle or on certain objects/obstacles in the maze. As you battle, you level up your cards base stats. Meaning your card attacks will become stronger and you be able to use your special abilities more often.
  • Collect Cards
    You get 1 card to start with but you should collect more cards as soon as possible. The more cards you have, the more strategies you can use in battle. Each class of card has strengths and weaknesses against another class. Your card combination use in battle can guarantee victory of defeat. There 4 primary card classes: Fire type – Water type – Earth type – Special type.
  • Solve Puzzles
    Use your mind and pay attention to be successful. You will be rewarded for your efforts. Some puzzles are for fun alone, while other puzzles are required to progress in the story arch. There are a variety of puzzles and still more added as we go along. These are the styles currently in the game: push puzzles, logic puzzles, memory puzzles, and more.
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Kevin Smith
map design, tile art, dialog, cameras, scripting

Sean Ryan Smith
map design, design detail, tile art

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