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Pixels Graphic Design has extensive experience in books and magazines. The covers shown here are links to Amazon shop pages. We have worked on each and every one of these books. Our work ranges from cover design, interior design, formatting, layout, and publishing. We have experience in self-publishing, Amazon Kindle / KDP, and PDF formats.

Artists' Honeymoon - book printing sample - Community funded project
Evidence and Instinct
Hollywood Safari
Praising Maria
Two Stories of Mexico
Incident in Fargos County
So Green Our Beginnings
Promised Land
Two Small Cheers for Lit-er-a-chur
Advanced Funk Drumming
Give the Drummers Some
Tito Puentes Drumming
Katherine Mansfield
A Mission to Serve
A Soldiers International Journey
Baseball Bobbleheads and Beyond
Big Sur and The Canyon
Three Couples in England
300 Ways to Buy
25 Basic Creative Real Estate
King Maximo
Sarah and the Number Knights
Knight and Fork
Chicken in the Car
Chronicles of the Trail 12-1
Chronicles of the Trail 12-2
Chronicles of the Trail 13-1
Chronicles of the Trail 13-2
Sea Friends
Sanford Charles Cohen memoir
Gails Memoir
Serra International History
Spanish Flamenco Dance
Life in the Past Lane