Chicken Crossing

In this game you’ll have to try to get as many chickens across the road before time runs out. Along the way you’ll get power-ups to help. Look out for speeding cars and crossing guards! Collect eggs to unlock specials like Fly! Speed! and Bonus Time! Don’t forget about the good ol’ Rubber Chicken!

You’ll receive additional updates to improve and extend play. Please check the web site for the latest info and feature requests.



chicken in the car

Riddle Rhymes Chicken in the Car and the Car Can’t Go

A Unique Word Game for all ages invoking U.S. Geography through 63 American cities.

Learn “magic spelling”, a new way to “spell” and to think.

Great for travel, classroom, and social situations of all kinds, definitely not just for kids. Ages 9+

If you can do these three, you can do Riddle Rhymes!

1.) Some jobs have many applicants. That’s how you spell…


2.) Sometimes I wonder why am I me? That’s how you spell…


3.) Don’t just break it. Destroy it! That’s how you spell…