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Portable Ops

Project date: August 2022 – November 2023 (scheduled)

You are a mercenary for hire. Battle, earn money with kills and objectives, to buy weapons, ammo, and gear. Upgrade you base and operatives to complete more objectives in single and co-op modes.

Amaze Adventure

Project date: February 2021 – June, 2022

Old school RPG style. Collect and Level cards for use in turn-based card battles. Explore the maze to find puzzle pieces that earn more cards. Discover various puzzle types in each world maze. Choose to help others or not. Play at your own pace. Simple controls. Multiple outcomes to each scenario.

Super Slots 64

Project date: January 2021 – November 2021

Inspired by classics from the plumber brothers 90’s console games. Spend sometime in this kingdom of colorful and warm retro experience playing slots. Drop in a coin (ba-ling!) and get matches to achieve combos for jackpot rewards. Stars and coins explode everywhere! Use your winnings to spin again or shop for a bobble charm.

Earn free coins every day for play!
Sign in to Game Center for bonus free coins!

Buy Gems to use in the Shop for charms or to resupply your coins.

Soccer Pro! Series

Project date: July 2022 – On Going

  • Argentina Soccer Pro!
  • Brazil Soccer Pro!
  • Honduras Soccer Pro!
  • Mexico Soccer Pro!

Live out your soccer or fútbol dreams and become a Honduras Soccer Pro! Easy controls in a 1-on-1 challenge to the top!

Honduras has qualified for the World Cup three times, in 1982, 2010 and 2014. Outside of the FIFA World Cup tournament, Honduras has competed in several other international competitions, like the CONCACAF Championship which they won in 1981, and the Copa América which their best result was third place in 2001. Apart from that Honduras has also won the Central American Cup championship four times, having won the final edition in 2017.

Coming soon.

Captain Kittyheart

Project date: January 2022

Big Boss is back and he’s taking over the solar system. You’ll have to fight your back through 5 planets loaded with bad kitties in space ships. Collect power-ups like Shields and Energy rings.

Chicken Crossing

Project date: May 2017 – October 2019

In this game you’ll have to try to get as many chickens across the road before time runs out. Along the way you’ll get power-ups to help. Look out for speeding cars and crossing guards! Collect eggs to unlock specials like Fly! Speed! and Bonus Time! Don’t forget about the good ol’ Rubber Chicken!

Bounty Hunter Wild West

Project date: January 2021

It’s the Wild West and you’re a new Bounty Hunter looking for work. It’s too bad everyone else wants to put you out of business. Be quick on the draw and sharp on aim or you’ll be fired. Early retirement.

Count down from three and draw. All you have to do is cock the hammer on your gun and fire at your bounty target. As you level, the bounties you can go for increase in danger. Faster, more accurate, more deadly. As you approach the highest bounties, beware of world record reaction times.

Your bounties earn cash. Which you may used to heal your wounds. Maybe upgrade to a new gun later. This depends on interests in the Wild West.

Using the Army edition .44 Revolver, you’ll do a lot of damage. No matter where you hit. But this gun is slow to chamber a round by cocking your gun.

If speed is more important and you’ve got good aim, bring the lower powered Navy .36 Revolver. With a short hammer pull, you’re sure to fire first. If you miss their brain and hit them in the cheek… watch out. They are likely to survive and shoot back!

Quick Shooter 2021

Project date: January 2021

Blast your way through to the stages bosses to fight the final boss!

Unlimited fire power and wave after wave of enemy robot ships trying to destroy you. Shoot your and dodge your way through to the challenge levels. Then see if you can survive. If you do, the reward is extra backup battle ships to fight the good fight. Watch out for the stage bosses, their ion cannon really does some serious damage! Good thing you picked up those shields, you’ll need them.

3 Stages, 3 sections per stage with increasing waves of enemy ships, 2 challenge sections, and the final boss Battleship.

Pixel Lites

Project date: August 2021

Create beautiful artwork and watch it glow with Pixel Lites – Includes 7 templates and 8 Colored Pegs. Featuring templates with exciting designs and fun backgrounds to display your art. Try Pixel Lites on a tablet for a brighter and more exciting display. Just choose a picture, drag and drop the color glow pegs and the LED bulbs light up the screen. What can you create using your imagination?

Shake That Tree

Project date: January 2021

Got a couple minutes to kill? Shake That Tree! Maybe you’ll even burn a couple of calories while you play…
Clear the tree of fruit as fast as you can.
You gain points for each fruit knocked off of the tree.
You lose points for taking too much time.
Gain even more points for Golden Fruit!

Points earn you stars with each level. As you level up, unlock Upgrades, like more shake strength to knock the fruit off faster, or more luck so the tree will grow more golden fruit!

Race your friends online with cross-platform highscores, Apple vs Android!

Order Up! Burger Shop

Project date: January 2021

You just opened your first restaurant. Congratulations!
It will be a lot of work but you love burgers, right?

Your budget is tight, you have just $500 saved in the BANK. And you have to pay $25 RENT every day.

Make burgers for customers as ordered and fast to grow your business. Good luck!

American Burger Games

Project date: January 2019 – January 2020

Made for all guests of American Burger. This collection of games is meant to pass time while you dine at the restaurant. It includes some classic games like rock-paper-scissors, match 3, memory cards, an original game where you make your own burgers!

Guests may share their scores and achievements online using the built in Google Play or Apple iPhone/iPad Game Center.

Sean Ryan Music

Project date: September 2018 – April 2020

Get all of Sean Ryan’s music right here. Plus stay connected for special events, shows, and updates!

Free to play Sean Ryan’s albums everyday. Connect with Sean Ryan and sent updates when new shows and special events come up. Upgrade and get exclusive photos, lyrics, and unlimited plays.