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Portable Ops

Project date: August 2022 – November 2023 (scheduled)

You are a mercenary for hire. Battle, earn money with kills and objectives, to buy weapons, ammo, and gear. Upgrade you base and operatives to complete more objectives in single and co-op modes.

Aggregated from Google,  Apple, and Steam console reports on 2/26/2023.

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GDC Trailer

March 2023

It’s short and sweet highlight video. Just enough shown to get a sense of this awesome military sim game. Plenty more to come!

Co-Op Trailer

February 2023

One of the main goals for Portable Ops is being great to play with your friends. Not just in competitive only matches, but as a stand alone US vs AI campaign game. We love to play co-op! There is no gaming experience more satisfying than taking on the world (and winning) with you best friend!

Unreal (Engine) Trailer

January 2023

After a lot of debate, research, and a gut-instinct, Portable Ops development would be started from scratch on Unreal Engine 5. Instantly the visuals took a leap up in quality, both in color and rendering. The scenery supported life and image quality both at distance and up closed saw improvements. The battle was just beginning, as we found UE5 virtually undocumented by the dev. community due to constant revisions by Epic. What worked last month didn’t work now. This decision is still the best way forward. We are happy to be on the forefront of bringing Unreal Engine 5 games to the market.

Weapon Customization Trailer

December 2022

Guns, guns, and more guns! Our early build had some weapon customization already. Swap out your targeting reticles, weapon stocks, ammo clips and magazines, as well as some sweet paint jobs. Also, a little preview of some slick melee with the combat knife!

Original Trailer

August 2022 – November 2022

This is the original trailer for Portable Ops. At about 3 months into development, this was looking good. However, we had issues with the Unity engine sound and effects limitations. As well as some issues with network precision. Still, this was a good early build. We even ported the game to Android and it was playable!